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Energy Workshop available January 2017


Estella Timson MFHT, APNHMA

My love for massage and natural health started at an unusually early age. It was only after the encouragement of a like-minded colleague and the death of a close friend in 1992 that I began to follow and research my interests more seriously.

In 1999, I began looking towards less mainstream therapies to find the cause of my painful arthritis. I had already tried many popular and well known treatments along the way but nothing had helped. My journey for answers led me to discover some very interesting avenues of learning. A year later my pains and discomfort had disappeared and I am still pain free today.

I could never understand why so many therapies seemed to work, at least in the short-term, for some people and not for others. After years of working with different energy techniques I realised that everyones body chemistry and energetic patterning is different. Using a biofeedback method I can tap into the body to identify the exact corrections needed and the order in which to apply them. A series of gentle, precise and relaxing energy techniques are then directed to the client. As a practitioner my role is simply to amplify, hold and maintain the energetic environment needed by the clients body to help clear and rebalance it. Experiences are very individual and vary from person to person and pet to pet. Clients often comment on feeling a difference after their very first session. Many have reported surprising improvements with their symptoms and enjoy feeling more in control of their health.

(Please note that the therapies I offer are COMPLEMENTARY which means they can work alongside any other treatments without effecting or clashing with them. As a client YOU are in control of and responsible for your own health and for monitoring your symptoms. I do NOT diagnose or prescribe. A future review with your GP or medical practioner will determine any changes with health conditions and medications).

Since 2002 I have trained, developed and qualified in various methods of Massage and Energy Therapy. I continue to update and expand my knowledge, skills and techniques. Many natural methods of healing can not only effectively help the body to recover itself from illness but can, when practiced for just a few minutes a day (along with a good diet and plenty of spring water!) can actually keep us healthy and prevent illness from developing.

I currently work from my therapy room in Bridlington and also provide a mobile service for clients at home, in hospital and in residential care. With Energy Therapy I can work hands on (touching the client over their clothes), hands off (working just above them with my hands) and also work long distance (for this I will need a photo of the recipient, brief details of their condition and to arrange a time when they will not be disturbed).

Children and animals are a joy to work with and have responded well to energy treatments and massage. I am happy to work with any animal, large, small or scary. As with most human clients they seem to find the energy work comforting, relaxing and helpful with speeding up healing. Please feel free to ring me with any questions.