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Old Town Area, Bridlington

Energy Workshop available January 2017

Pre Treatment Information

To ensure your comfort and safety and for you to get the most out of every treatment, please read the following information prior to your appointment:

Please DO NOT:
- Eat heavily two hours before or after your treatment
- Wear perfume, aftershave or any strong smelling deodorants
- Drink any alcohol before or immediately after

As you arrive for your appointment please leave the outside world behind you by turning off (or switching to silent) any mobile phones, blackberries, ipods or any other equipment that may disturb us.

If coming for an energy treatment, please wear comfortable clothing - preferably cotton, as you may be laying on a couch or sitting for quite a while. (If wearing a watch or leather belt, these need to be removed just before your treatment).

If you are likely to be feeling tired before coming for your appointment or you have not had a massage with me before PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF HOME AFTERWARDS. If at all possible DO ARRANGE FOR SOMEONE TO PICK YOU UP OR LET ME RING YOU A TAXI. It is also important that you keep yourself warm after your treatment so please come prepared with the appropriate clothing.

Consultations are required to ensure that each client is both suitable for treatment and treated appropriately. The initial consultation can take up to half an hour and is totally confidential. The time spent on consultation is additional to your treatment time.

Cancellation Policy
Please be considerate and let me know if you are unable to attend your appointment. I am happy to rearrange your appointment where ever possible though there are times you may have to be added to the waiting list. Any cancellations made within 24 hours are charged at 50% and less than 24 hours must be paid in full.

I accept Vitality Gift Vouchers, cash or cheque with a valid bankers card.

Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy
All information gathered on your consultation form is totally confidential and is solely for the purpose of providing you with the most appropriate treatment. Your information is NEVER shared with anyone else!

Post-Treatment Information
- Please drink plenty of mineral water
- Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine
- Make time to relax afterwards and do nothing strenuous

Removing Oil from your Hair
BEFORE wetting your hair, simply apply your usual shampoo to dry hair THEN rinse, shampoo again and condition as normal.