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Energy Workshop available January 2017

Energy Treatment

Focused breathing and body awareness techniques are used to gently soothe areas of pain as they are guided out of the body. Treatments can be done without having to touch any painful or sensitive areas.

Energetic Balancing

An energetic FULL SERVICE or MOT maintenance treatment for when you need to de-stress and unscramble. A combination of gentle pressure-point work, crystal therapy and energy techniques are used to clear, energise and rebalance the systems in and around the body - can be used as either a relaxing stand-alone treatment or as a foundation for other health conditions that require attention.

The benefits:
  • promotes relaxation
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • naturally boosts your healing system
  • helps to increase vitality
  • can help to release past issues and emotions
  • enables longer lasting benefits of other natural treatments
  • can help to improve the quality of sleep
Animals respond well to energy therapy!

Wellness Therapy

Improve your health and manage stress with an effective course of weekly or monthly treatments. The continued repeat of the therapy allows the systems of the body and energy fields to process and rebalance. The number of sessions required will vary for each individual and will depend on the severity and length of the condition/s being treated. Every persons body will have its own speed of response.
Individual results will vary

About Energy Medicine

We can enjoy perfect health when the complex energy systems in and around our bodies are flowing in balance with all our other systems.* When the natural flow of these energy patterns become disrupted in any way, blockages and imbalances begin, over time, to occur. Left uncorrected our other systems are gradually effected and can start to develop problems - these can be physical, psychological or emotional. Stress, anxiety, panic, trauma, worry, guilt, grief, injury, poor nutrition, dehydration and environmental disturbances, are just some of the many contributing factors that negatively effect our systems.

An energy practioner should be able to identify and correct any disturbances in your energy system, removed blocked energies and return areas of low resonance back to their normal level of vibration. Once adjusted, and back to its normal flow of rythyms, the body's own healing mechanism can be reactivated and its abilty to self heal re-established. Although prevention is always better than cure, many developing and existing conditions, many deemed untreatable elsewhere, can be improved.

A full balance for an adult can take up to TWO sessions. Children and animals, however, are normally much quicker to respond. Individual experiences and results always vary. Just as each finger print is unique to an individual so are the patterns of their energy fields. For anyone with a particular health problem, or long term condition, I recommend trying a few sessions of Wellness Therapy after having been balanced.

As a practitioner I am always researching and developing my skills so that I can give the most powerful and effective treatments in as short a time as possible without rushing the process required. Wellness Therapy has proven very effective on many conditions, including those considered irreversible.

*(Muscular, skeletal, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive)

Please note that more than one session may be required.

"We are both amazed. I have slept like a baby and not needed any painkillers since I started the treatment"

Shirley - Bridlington

Natural Pain Relief


Everyone has the ability to work with energies and to develop their own particular technique of working. With so many requests for me to start up a group for beginners, I am currently planning a workshop for anyone wanting to learn how to run energy - this will enable them to help themselves, family, friends and their pets. Please email me if you are interested to go on the list and I shall contact you when it is up and running.