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Auricular Candling

A hopi ear candle is placed in the ear and its opposite end lit. A slow, gentle vacuum is created to clear away toxins and softened ear wax* which are drawn up into the candle. This is a relaxing treatment which can help to relieve inner ear pressure and tinnitus. A popular treatment with frequent fliers who suffer with painful cabin pressure.

*Ear wax can be softened using a good quality grade of warmed olive oil, or ear drops, twice daily before booking. This works best by either:
  • treating one ear at a time, using an old folded towel on your pillow, and laying on your side with the dry ear on the pillow. Repeat on the other side after about 30 minutes
  • treating both ears, at bedtime, using cotton wool.

There are several brands of ear drops available but please be aware that these may cause side effects for some people. Having ears syringed has also been known to cause damage. Ear candles will NOT remove hardened ear wax and several ear candles MAY be required to help remove softened ear wax.

Should you have a problem with blocked ears, the following action should help to clear your Eustachian tubes: Close your mouth, pinch you nose and blow!

Clients have reported Ear Candles helpful with:
  • reducing irritation in the ears and sinuses
  • relaxing and calming ringing in the ears and tinnitus
  • easing the symptoms of sinusitis, rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches and migraine

(A course of three is recommended for tinnitis)
Divers and anyone undergoing any regular pressure can benefit from this relaxing treatment.

Estella - Vitality

" I was so impressed at how well this helped with my tinnitis that I went on a training course to do it ! "